AS4 Gateway

AS4 – The new standard protocol for energy market communication with European TSOs


AS4 – Data exchange for the future

AS4 (Applicability Statement 4) is a secure data exchange protocol which is based on web services.

It is a protocol for standardised message exchange between gas transmission system operators (TSOs) and their counterparties. AS4 is used in balancing and congestion management (CHACAP, NOMINT, NOMRES).

In many European countries, AS4 will become mandatory as a protocol in 2017.

Compello’s AS4 solutions

Compello provides European utility companies with effective support: In terms of data exchange via AS4, Compello offers customers the choice between 3 solutions.

1. Compello AS4 Gateway (stand-alone solution)

To all European TSOs and their counterparties we offer a smart stand-alone solution. The Compello AS4 Gateway can be installed parallel to existing marketing communication applications. It is usually up and running within a day.

AS4 Gateway - market communication with tsos

2. AS4 module for Compello Connect

Our existing customers can upgrade their EDI platform (Compello Connect) with an AS4 module.

3. OEM version

For reselling, we offer to our existing or future partners a white label version of both, stand-alone solution or AS4 module for Compello Connect.

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