EDI helps you convert the formats used by the different systems so that they can understand one another. Our cloud-based service allows the secure exchange of messages combined with excellent solutions for monitoring.

Compello EDI is a communication centre for the exchange of messages and for monitoring. The service ensures correct conversion in accordance with sector standards and message types, providing an operationally reliable solution with a high level of security.

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Compello EDI is a cloud-based service that provides you with access to your electronic messages. As the solution is cloud-based, it is simple to upscale as required.

Our EDI service is internet-based, so there is no need for installation processes or new hardware; simply click in and get going. 

Key features of Compello EDI:

  • Ensures that messages are delivered and received securely.
  • Ensures correct conversion in accordance with sector standards and message type.
  • Monitoring of the messages provides a rapid overview and tight control of all the transactions.
  • Separate modules that support the message types that are integrated with the systems used by energy companies.

Compello EDI in different industries

EDI refers to the exchange of messages, or data, of different types and in different formats. Message exchange with EDI is an optimal solution if you have multiple systems – across various organisations, perhaps – that need to exchange data.

TA Paying With Creditcard On Computer


EDI can be used to send orders to, and receive order confirmations from, customers, as well as for order tracking for end customers and the like.

TA Truck And Trains


EDI can be used to send electronic consignment notes, customs documents, waybills, tracking and so on.

TA Energy Masts


EDI is a standard that is widely used in the energy sector for purposes including communication, reporting and trade.

TA Skyscrapers


EDI is a good way for property companies to access information about energy efficiency in buildings and the like.

Compello is fully familiar with message exchange and EDI, so if you have any needs over and above those stated here, give us a call and we can work together to determine how we can help your organisation.

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