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A more efficient working day!

Compello Invoice Approval is a solution for companies that would like to use electronic invoice workflow to become more efficient. Compello is a market leader in Norway and has delivered Invoice Approval solutions in Norway for more than 15 years. The solution has an intuitive and user-friendly design, making it easy to use. Our solution is available on most devices, such as PC, smart telephones and electronic tablets.

Compello Invoice Approval includes:

  1. Invoice scanning
  2. Invoice interpretation (OCR)
  3. Distribution
  4. Approval
  5. Transfer to your accounting system

Compello Invoice Approval can process invoices that you receive both on paper and electronically. Scan your paper invoices on a standard scanner or multifunction machine. Compello Invoice Approval’s OCR function will read and enter important data from the invoices. You can optimize this process by creating templates for your most important suppliers. After data entry, invoices can be sent to the correct members of staff for approval. These users can also enter data on the invoice if you wish. You can automate this distribution by using rules based on the data entry.

Once approval and data entry are completed, the data is transferred automatically to your financial system. Because you have already assigned account, project, VAT and other information related to the invoice you do not have to do anything more.

By automating the invoice processes your employees can use their energy on other more important tasks.


You can also approve invoices on your smart telephone or tablet. Compello supports Windows 8, Iphone/ Ipad and Android.

Similar expressions to describe our solution: eInvoice, Invoice Workflow, Scanning, Invoice automation, procurement and purchase to pay.