PDF Collector

Automatic management of all PDF invoices by email – avoid the work and inconvenience

With Compello PDF Collector you can automatically monitor all your PDF invoices directly from email to Compello Invoice Approval.

It is easy to get started. All you have to do is establish a company email address for invoices. Compello PDF Collector will then handle the reception of invoices from your suppliers.

Compello PDF Collector is an Enterprise solution that runs 24/7, unattended, as a Windows service on your company’s server.

The solution can deal with an unlimited number of email accounts and filters. Filters can be set up to decide specific attachment formats such as PDF. This to ensure that other types of unwanted documents are not accidentally imported into Compello Invoice Approval. The solution will extract zipped files automatically, as well as store the retrieved information in a database.

Our Consultants will help you to install and set up the program.

Compello PDF Collector includes the following functions:

  • IMAP/POP3 support (mail server protocols)
  • Single filter criteria match (saved per email account)
  • Download from one account at a time
  • Scheduled download per hour, week or at specified intervals
  • Download from multiple email accounts
  • Multiple filters (use an unlimited number of cross-account and global filters)
  • Flexible filters by criteria
  • Flexible rules for save locations
  • Settings for Export/import
  • Download of email body and attachments
  • Moving or deleting email after download
  • Saving file metadata after download (e.g mail headers)
  • Google Apps, Exchange, Office365 extended support (via IMAP enabled on the server)
  • Windows Service (runs 24x7 unattended)
  • Windows Server (run on Windows Server 2008 R2+)
  • Storing email content to a database
  • Unzipping files automatically (unzip contents and run rules)

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