Compello Invoice Reader – simplifies your daily invoice work

We know that scanning and interpreting invoices is often a time-consuming process. Therefore, we have now developed new, improved and more intelligent invoice reader (OCR interpreter, or Optical Character Recognition) Compello Fakturagodkjenning as a service.

Advantages of Compello Invoice Reader:

  • You don’t need any supplier templates so you save time previously used to create and / or update templates
  • You save money, as you  no longer need to buy templates or goon courses learn template creation.
  • Interpretation is based on rules and formats that make the process more intelligent
  • Global and automatic learning process. Compello Invoice Reader learns from validation from user feedback. All customers benefit from each other’s validation, so the interpretation process becomes collective and simplifies the financial department’s daily invoice work. See illustration:

Compello Invoice Reader - simplifies your daily invoice work


Compello Invoice Reader contains the following functionality:

  • Interprets Norwegian and Swedish invoices
  • Distinguishes between invoices and credit notes
  • Reads currency code
  • Reads VAT
  • Interprets the first and last page of invoices
  • Reads data both vertically and horizontally

Do you wish to extend automation and increase efficiency in your finance department?


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