Compello Invoice Approval

Standardized electronic invoice workflow at the right price!

No two organizations are the same and businesses have many different needs for the automation of invoices and documents. Compello Invoice Approval on-Premise is the right solution for companies that want a locally installed solution that can be customized to streamline business.

A solution installed in the customer’s environment, be it local or at a hosting supplier, covers most needs for electronic invoice handling at the right price. Compello offers a standard solution, based on long experiences of customer needs, with modules that allow you to customize and set up in the way it suits you. So you avoid the high implementation costs that arise when purchasing tailor-made software while retaining a high level of flexibility. With over 15 years’ experience, we know that many customers want the following user-definable functions:

  • Multiple users and multiple dimensions
  • Multi-Client management
  • Integration with many different financial systems, so you can enjoy your investment even if you change your financial system
  • Setup of eInvoice from standard providers. Support for multiple eInvoice standards such as EDI, e2b, Finvoice and eInvoice B2B
  • Matching of invoices to purchase orders
  • Support for validation rules from your financial system
  • Advanced automation of invoice traffic
  • Available on smartphones and tablets

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