Compello Reiseregning – for deg som enkelt vil håndtere reiseregninger og utlegg elektronisk

Compello Travel Expenses – the easy way to submit and process expenses

Are you tired of submitting your expenses manually? Then Compello Travel Expenses is something for you.

With Compello Travel Expenses you can easily scan and submit travel and other expenses via an app on your phone. These are then directly imported into Compello Invoice Approval for further authorisation. This makes dealing with expenses of all types considerably easier for those submitting them and those processing them. Your company could save significantly by using this solution.


Advantages of an electronic solution for scanning and processing expenses:


  • Simplifies expense processing with an app
  • Conforms to government regulatory rates and receipt rules
  • Creates expenses by the hour or by the month
  • Enables simple photography of receipts
  • Email receipts can be imported directly
  • Simplifies processing of driving expenses


Electronic driving book

  • Automatically registers all travel activities on your phone
  • Automatically calculates mileage allowance
  • Automatically registers toll road payments using GPS
  • Can be attached to a parking app to record parking expenses
  • You can link other related costs such as passenger, forest roads, trailers
  • When traveling, the data is transferred to the travel and delivery module


Compello Invoice Approval

  • Once the outlay is completed, this will be transferred to Compello Invoice Approval and can be automatically sent to the manager for final approval
  • You can export expense reports from Excel that can then be imported into payroll systems, if the ERP system does not have a payroll module


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