RECEIVE is a suite of services designed to help your business automate and streamline the reception of invoices, attachments and other documents. RECEIVE enables you to eliminate the manual processing of your incoming invoices and attachments.

RECEIVE lets you eliminate manual routines and gives you full control of all incoming invoices and attachments. Automate reception of invoices, attachments and other documents, and elevate the efficiency of your everyday work.

  • Invoices and other documents you receive in hard-copy format or as PDFs are scanned and converted into a electronic invoice (PEPPOL) that is supported by most ERP systems.
  • Electronic invoices enter the system directly through our access point.
  • Travel expenses and outlays are simple to register via our user-friendly app for iPhone or Android.
  • A driving journal is an integrated feature of our travel expenses app.
  • Closely integrated with Compello PROCESS; our suite of invoice approval services.

And of course, our services are fully integrated with your ERP system.

EN Receive

How does Compello RECEIVE work?

You can decide for yourself how automated you want your system for receiving invoices and other documents to be. The system is founded on our Access point, which enables you to receive (and send) eInvoices (PEPPOL).

We can receive most types of documents. Invoices and credit notes are the most common types, but our services can also deal with product catalogues and orders, or other types of commercial notifications:

  • Invoices (supported by our access point)
  • Credit notes (supported by our access point)
  • Orders (supported by our access point)
  • Catalogues (supported by our access point)
  • Reminder documents (supported by our access point)
  • Commercial notifications
  • Travel expense reports
  • Contracts
  • Letters
  • Other documents

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