Access point

This is the fundamental infrastructure when companies are to receive (or send) PEPPOL invoices. An access point is an electronic “hub” for the distribution of invoices in the PEPPOL network.

Did you know

Over 4 milion invoices are sent through our services each month.

Save Money

Cut costs

Costs for paper and postage, for example, simply disappear and you gain more control with Access Point. Briefly put, it makes it quicker for you to bill your customers and to pay the invoices you receive.

Light Bulb

More efficient

Time you previously spent on processing invoices and other documents manually can now be devoted to tasks that generate income for your organisation.


Better for the environment

Switching to eInvoices is one of the simplest ways to have a positive effect on the environment. Digitalising your invoice processing saves the environment from a significant volume of paper.

Benefits of Access Point

Access Point is your company’s first step towards digitalisation. It is easy to start working with, and will significantly improve the efficiency of your invoicing process.

  • Cut costs by reducing the time and resources it takes to process and distribute invoices by mail or email.
  • Be more efficient by using less time on manual and repetitive processes.
  • Become environmentally friendly by cutting the use of paper and transportation.

More and more businesses are demanding electronic invoices - or eInvoice - for the products and services they purchase.

In order to be able to send eInvoices, you need an Access Point.

EN Accesspoint

Why choose our access point?

An access point is most commonly associated with the reception and issuing of PEPPOL invoices – a format used by the vast majority of suppliers. However, the world is changing rapidly, and it is important not to be left behind.

We support the following PEPPOL formats:

  • PEPPOL invoice and credit note
  • PEPPOL order (including issuing confirmation)
  • PEPPOL packing slip
  • PEPPOL catalogue (including issuing confirmation)

We recommend that you think carefully when choosing your access point supplier. While only PEPPOL invoices may be required today, you may need to send PEPPOL confirmations of order tomorrow – so choose an access point that supports as many document types as possible.

Our Access Point is PEPPOL-certified.

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Did you know

Over 4 milion invoices are sent through our services each month.