Invoice reception

Put an end to scanning and storing hard-copy invoices, and to having to import and interpret invoices emailed to you. With our invoice reception service you can fully automate the reception of invoices and other documents.

Did you know

In average an invoice consists of two sheets of A4 and an envelope, a total of 18 grams of paper.

Paper Invoice

Hard copy

We handle the reception, opening, scanning and interpretation of your hard-copy invoices. All invoices are converted to PEPPOL format and imported directly into your invoicing or finance system.

Pdf Invoice


The invoices you receive by email are automatically imported, interpreted and converted to PEPPOL format. As a result, you always receive a standardised invoice – no matter who sent it to you.

Peppol Invoice


Authentic electronic invoice. More and more operators are now using this format when they issue their invoices. We naturally support the latest version of this standardised format.

Receiving and processing invoices that arrive by standard mail or email is a time-consuming activity for all businesses.

When you introduce digitalisation by automating reception of all your invoices, there is no need to give them a second thought before they are due to be approved.

Key aspects of our invoice reception service

  • Submission of invoice for the supplier’s service
  • Reception and preparation of physical mail
  • Scanning of documents
  • Reception of invoices by email
  • Interpretation of standard logic and customer’s business logic if required
  • Post-processing of paper materials
  • Post-processing of data
  • Link for data transfer to the customer
  • Customer follow-up

How our invoice reception service works

EN Invoice Reception

The service extracts the key financial information from an invoice – such as the name of the supplier, the invoice number, dates, sums and details from item specification lines.

Following processing, the electronic image of the invoice and the registered data are sent to the customer in a predefined manner and a predefined format for further processing, via a link to the customer’s ERP system.

Why outsource invoice reception to Compello?

Invoice reception improves the invoice handling process and produces immediate results. Invoices are received and processed more quickly. You save both time and money by leaving invoice processing on reception to Compello.

  • Optimise your invoice workflow
  • Improved data flow
  • Reduce the need for staffing and hard copy filing
  • Reduce the need for scanners and software

Using our invoice reception service will set you on your way to digitalising – and thus streamlining – your finance department.

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Did you know

In average an invoice consists of two sheets of A4 and an envelope, a total of 18 grams of paper.