Compello SEND is a service for multi-channel distribution of invoices and other documents. Give your customers the freedom to pay through the channel of their choice.

In SEND, we have developed a cloud-based service that automatically distributes invoices to your preferred channels. Excellent analysis and reporting solutions make it simple to identify the channels with the best results, thus increasing the proportion of invoices paid on time and reducing the need for reminders and debt-collection.

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Multi-channel distribution means that you, as the issuer, can offer a variety of distribution channels to your customers.

By “distribution channels” we mean:

  • Mobile payment or eInvoice in internet banking solutions for private customers
  • Email invoices or PEPPOL for corporate customers
  • PEPPOL for state and municipal enterprises

Our service naturally extends to physical invoices (hard copy) where necessary, but out of consideration for the environment and efficiency, we strongly recommend the digital options.

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NOK 30 billion

Every month, we issue more than 4 million invoices, to a total value in excess of NOK 30 billion. We are proud that our customers trust us and our services, and we recognise the responsibility their confidence in us represents.

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Each month transactions with a total value over NOK 30 billion runs through our services.