Invoice Reception

Let Compello handle your incoming invoices and receive them all electronically

With Compello Invoice Reception, Compello will receive all your invoices whether they arrive on paper, as PDFs or as PEPPOL files.  We scan, interpret, verify and convert the invoice data to an electronic data file, which can be delivered directly into Compello Invoice Approval for further processing. With Compello Invoice Reception you have better control over your received invoices, as well as saving time and money.

How it works

We set up receipt of your paper invoices, PDF invoices sent as email attachments and EHF invoices, all handled via an Access Point infrastructure in our message center. When all invoices go through us, you will receive all of them in the same electronic format (PEPPOL). The service comprises mail receipt, sorting, data capture, control, registration, verification and exception handling.

In order to use Compello Invoice Reception, your business needs to be connected to Compello Access Point.


Make your working day even more efficient

Compello Invoice Approval – a complete solution for those who want to streamline their internal billing process by using electronic invoicing.

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