Customer References – Compello EDI

We have collected some customer references. Below you can see some of our happy EDI customers

neas_graa [1]
Nordmøre Energy (NEAS) is a satisfied customer, who when the introduction of the balance  regulation market in Norway came, chose to receive production data from power plants using Compello EDI. Compello EDI receives readings every hour, and converts them into Pomax. NEAS see the importance of all data being treated equally, and of more people being familiar with the processes that the company runs. Compello EDI solved this challenge. NEAS is also using eInvoice from Client Computing Norway. More about NEAS >

Speaking for Drangedal Everk, “we are very pleased with Compello EDI, and highly recommend Compello AS as a provider of EDI-systems. The solution is clear, stable and simple to use.” Jan Kristian Øverdal, head of Customer Dept., Drangedal Everk.