Customer References – Compello eInvoice

We have collected some customer references. Below you can see some of our happy eInvoicing customers


eika_graaEIKA, formerly Terra Kortbank AS, has a clear strategy for communicating with customers, and reaching them electronically. “Compello AS is a very important partner, enabling us to deliver one of the finest einvoicing solutions in the country. The most important thing about this solution is that it is reliable, ensuring security and added value to the customers. The quality of Compello einvoicing means that 60-70% of our customers use this service.” Karl-Richard Floer, Vice President, EIKA.

GudbrandsdalEnergi_graa“What I am most impressed with is how easy it was to get Compello eInvoice up and running. The solution just keeps on running without us really doing anything. Now almost 50% of our customers have agreed to use eInvoicing”, says Marketing Manager Jan Jansrud – Gudbrandsdal Energi.

“We have been using Compello eInvoicing for several years, and find that Compello AS offer solid expertise, reliability and a helping hand. It is invaluable to have a provider that can be counted on to do the job and free our internal resources to deal with other tasks”. Silje Julseth – Administrative Consultant, Econa.